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Tencent Games Rolls Out its CROS at Game Developers Conference 2019

Tencent Games, world’s one of the most reputed game operating, developing and publishing company, has officially unveiled its Common R&D Operation System for game developers at GDC in San Francisco.  With this all-new system, developers can develop games with greatest accuracy and professionalism. During its keynote session, the company said their CROS’s advanced technological solutions …


Cab25 Aims to Take Your Ridesharing Experience to the Next Level

Cab25 is a new player in the ridesharing game. It employs innovative technology and special techniques to create a win-win situation for both passengers and drivers. Passengers have freedom to choose the driver of their own choice and they can also rate or blacklist drivers. The team at Cab25 is very committed to adding a …

Flappy Bird Android Game

Download Flappy Bird For Android – Original Flappy Bird

Meet the new Crazy Flappy Bird the world famous android gaming app, it goes popular in all over the world among a huge number of Android users. Here is a new look of Crazy Flappy Bird game free download available. Click Here to Download If you want to become a flapping master so download the Flappy …


Problems Faced by a Gamer Girl

We like to stereotype others just so we can rationalize our screw-ups. It gets even worse when gender description is accounted for. It exists everywhere, even in the gaming world. Although, most gaming shows and reviews are being hosted by girls, being a Gamer Girl can be a real headache because of the popularized stereotypes …



As families gather around football during the holidays, WinView Games provides a new mobile entertaining experience to get everyone involved in football and come together San Francisco – December xx, 2016 – WinView Inc. (, the nation’s leading second-screen Live TV Sports prediction app, today announced its first sponsorship agreement with PepsiCo, who will have …

Applications Games

Benefits of Playing Solitaire Spider Card Games

Solitaire spider card games are not only fun, they are extremely useful. If you are a person who overthinks and suffers from anxiety, then this might be you. Solitaire games present a challenge but they offer more benefits. Following we are explaining a few of those. Relaxation Solitaire spider card games are very relaxing. It …


Top 6 MMORPGs You Cannot Afford To Miss

As the video game industry has grown over the last decade, the demand for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games has exceeded all expectations. The ability to go online and play with your friends, or even with total strangers, is a priceless experience that gamers around the world truly seem to cherish. The games themselves …


Bus Simulator Racing – Complete Review

First off, I would like to discuss how I got to know this amazing, thrilling game, the Bus Simulator Racing. Actually, I got a little tired of seeing the same ordinary stuff in my smartphone, and therefore started looking for a game that can really kill my idle time. Well, I tried a couple of …


Naruto Online Review

If you’re a fan of Naruto, and you’ve always wanted to interactively experience the story just as it’s presented in the main series, then you have to play Naruto online, a new MMORPG game that you can play for free. You get to pick a protagonist from five different shinobi, who each represent the five …


Free Games for Tablet Android

If you have Android phone, games is surely worth interesting corner to look into. If you are already game lover, you may not be interested in spending money on buying full versions of Android game. If it is like this or there is completely different scenario like you are budget conscious person, a number of …


Littlest Pet Shop Google Play

Little pet shop Google play is just excellent app to build your own little pet shop world. You can have 200 virtual pets into your virtually created pet world. You can have maximum fun with pets you will adopt by playing and taking care of them. This is an exciting game where you only need …


Exciting Poker App Android

There are lots of android poker apps available on internet that you easily download. One of these exciting games is Live Hold’em Poker Pro. You can play live poker for free against millions of real users. There are number of platforms where you can play this game but you may need to create your accounts …