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Expressmango Review

expressmango is a facebook messenger bot. It routes messages from facebook pages to the Messenger app where the facebook page manager can easily chat with their customers. Typical use cases are ecommerce business owners, online software sales, specialty goods . owners who like a reward conversation with their customer by provide fast and interactive responses. …


Geoflow App Review

Geoflow ( is a new travel and educational app for iOS and Android that uses your phone’s location to find nearby Wikipedia articles. It’s useful for tourists in a new city to find interesting landmarks and sites right around them. It’s a simple concept with more utility than you’d expect. If you’re interested in history …


Not All Apps Offer Secure Messaging, Leaving Your Information Vulnerable To Hackers. You Can Protect Yourself With End-To-End Encryption Keyboards

As mobile app developers are working upgrade their security features to meet the demand for more secure forms of mobile communication, users can protect their messages with end-to-end encryption across all mobile apps by using secure smartphone keyboards. Secure messaging is important – and often overlooked – when using mobile devices to send information. We …


5 Trends in the Application Market

How many people do you know who own a cell phone? As apps become more and more part of our day, knowing what the app trends are is almost mandatory. Innovations do not always happen fast, but when it comes to technology the pace is quite different. Rest assured, apps and mobile technology breathe 24 …


The Best Video Players for Android

You must have gone through the boring situation of trying to watch a video stored locally on your Android device and come across the infamous unsupported file message, is not it? If, yes, you may have noticed that there are several video file formats, hence there are thousands of codecs to run them. Unfortunately, they …


The Best Weather Forecasting Apps

Knowing how the weather will be not only in one day but at least throughout the week is something totally necessary for people to plan their activities. And, as the smartphone is a constant companion, there is no better instrument to help you keep up-to-date. There are many weather forecast applications in the Google apps …