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Gaming Desk with Camera

Why Gamers Should Stand Up

Without meaning to sound too cheesy, the Spice Girls said it best, “too much of something is bad enough.” Excessive sitting is no exception, as is excessive standing. If you were to calculate the hours you spend stuck to one idle position everyday, you would come up with around 10 to 12 hours of idle …

standing desk

How A Standing Desk Can Save You Money

Every Business Owner Wants To Save Money – We All Know That And every successful business owner does exactly that in areas of production, operations, labour, lighting and electricity, water, and pretty much all the classic inputs for business. But what about the environment for employees?  We are no longer in an industrial revolution where …


Kangertech Ceramic Coils Review

People who had the privilege to use the ceramic vape atomizer were impressed with the long lasting effect and amazing flavor. There is a reason that people rave about the ceramic coils. Today we are about to review the Kangertech Ceramic Coils to find out what makes it the best.   Kangertech Ceramic Coils The …


Talented Chinese design collective the Gongniu-Bull Group Receives Prestigious 2017 iF Design Award for Sleek Copper Car Charger

The Gongniu-Bull Group, an emerging international collective of designers and engineers, is honored to receive the prestigious 2017 iF Design Award for their new generation of copper automotive USB car chargers.   The iF Design Awards, founded by German design institute iF Industry Forum Design, are part of a celebrated design competition determined to revitalize …


Power Laser Diode

Laser diodes have relatively low dynamic impedance in the linear part of its volt-ampere characteristics. Therefore, it is desirable to supply source with sufficiently high output impedance, i.e. a current source that supplies a constant current even when the load changes. If you use power from a voltage source belong in series with the LD …