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Social Media

With Phonespying You Can Do Much More Than Hacking Facebook

If what you are looking for is just how to hack a facebook, Phonespying will never disappoint you. But if what you want is a more advanced monitoring in which you watch from text messages to phone calls and photographs, this software package is still your best option because its features are the best. But …

Social Media

Is it Possible to Spy Facebook in Cell Phones?

There’re numerous apps to spy facebook account in a cell phone, such as: Netspy, among others. You can use this app to monitor facebook text messages, phone calls, GPS location and also other instant messages. If you like to see everything that happens with a phone, you can do it simply by logging into your …

Rami Beracha

Rami Beracha – Venture Capital Investor, Entrepreneur & Fighter

Born on December 3, 1961, Rami Beracha is an Israeli venture capitalist who has served as managing partner in the world’s leading venture capital company Pitango Venture Capital. He believes in helping small businesses and startups establish their business. Here’s what Rami Beracha says about business investment: “The investor must have two basic and opposing …

I Need to Track My Cell Phone

I Need to Track My Cell Phone How Do I Do It?

It usually happens to all of us at least once in a lifetime. You have been checking your mobile for a long time, you leave it for a while and then you cannot find it. Or you go to a public place like a cafe and when you leave you forget your cell phone in …


Using Cell Phone Spy App Beyond Parental Control

Today apart from parental control, Phonetracking app is used to control workers in work areas and does it perfectly well because the workers themselves say so. This story is a sign that when you want to serve humanity you can generate positive changes in the world. Using Phonetracking in a company You will never have …

Dell PowerEdge T640 Server

Everything You Need to Know About Dell PowerEdge T640 Server

If you’re looking for a more powerful, scalable and versatile server, there’s nothing better than Dell PowerEdge T640 Server, a complete package designed with scalability in mind to deliver optimum results and performance. It comes with 2 socket server performance and a massive internal storage capacity. When it comes to CPU, the server is powered …


Cognishift Technologies – The One-Stop Shop for All Your Software Development Needs

Whether you are planning to create something new or want to add more productivity to your business, the experts at Cognishift Technologies always have the best solution to fit your requirements. They specialize in offering all-inclusive solutions related to internet of things, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and more. Businesses and companies who’ve already …