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Content Marketing for Videos: Amazing Tips

For many entrepreneurs, one of the biggest steps in innovation is to start investing in a strategy and marketing content for videos. Videos should not be the last step of the strategy, because it does not demand more resources to be produced. This way of thinking is changing the concept of entrepreneurs and putting the …


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Projector

Since their first inception, projectors have become more sophisticated, user-friendly and easy to set up. As such, some of the biggest trends at the moment are mini, pocket and pico projector. They are all portable projectors which are lightweight enough to carry, but offer the same qualities as large projectors. While these aren’t out of …


Paul Vigario Takes Lead Position at DSD Global

Vigario Named CEO and Coachman Elected Chairman of the Board NEW YORK, N.Y. — Dr. Christian Coachman, founder of Digital Smile Design, along with DSD Global’s Executive Board, has announced the appointment of Mr. Paul Vigario as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Vigario, founder and president of the renowned dental information technology company SurfCT, …