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The Best Tips to Promote a Mobile App!

Is your app ready? Everyone’s time to know! You did it: turned that cool idea into a super cool app. Once you’ve published your app on the App Store and Google Play, it’s ready for download by many and many users. Good, but … now? How will everyone know about your creation? As cool as …


Instant Photography is making a Comeback

I remember the days of the early nineties, shooting images on my Polaroid 600 and being both amazed and delighted that I could snap the shutter on my camera and in seconds have a tangible image to stick on my wall. The likes of Polaroid dominated the industry back then and remained a key player …


GLUON – The Ultimate Connected Automotive Marketplace

Whether you’re a fleet manager or an individual looking for the best vehicle management platform, GLUON is the right platform designed with modern automotive needs in mind, covering every aspect of connected automotive marketplace. With this innovative platform, both businesses and individual can track, tune, monitor and diagnose problems on their own.   GLOUN is …


Tech Wear for Your Pets

Walking your dog during the dark hours can be a scary experience.  Each year, vehicles strike more than 40,000 pedestrians. That’s one person every minute, what an alarming fact! That’s why many companies created lines of collars and leashes that would enhance visibility and allow drivers to see pedestrians and pooches. Like almost every great …


Best Selfie Drones For Making Truly Breathtaking Aerial Selfies!

Foldable selfie drones have long been a favorite dream for many pilots. In the meantime, there are a large number of such quadrocopters – with foldable designs. Manufacturers promise these particularly portable aircrafts to be able to quickly and comfortably take aerial photographs and selfies. With the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Innovations has undoubtedly succeeded …


When Blockchain Meets Street Fighters

Last year saw an explosion of interest for Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies: applications that allow transparent and decentralized interactions between users with information being recorded on a public ledger kept on all computers in the network. Blockchains like Ethereum are already valued at tens of Billions of dollars with a more than tenfold growth in …


Replacement of BIOS chip – Updating System BIOS

Motherboards of this time have mostly EEPROM BIOS chip that are able to reprogram. These chips are also known as flash ROM or PROM, flashing is the process that is used to update this chip. In case, your BIOS chip isn’t able to be flashed, then still it can be updated easily – on condition …