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3 Tips to Avoid Problems When Leasing a Vehicle

Paying attention to the necessary documentation, correct kilometer package and withdrawal checklist is essential for the consumer. Leasing a vehicle and having no headaches may not be as trivial as it sounds. The leasing companies have different collection policies and, in cases of intensive use, the driver can hardly know exactly how much money he …


Expressmango Review

expressmango is a facebook messenger bot. It routes messages from facebook pages to the Messenger app where the facebook page manager can easily chat with their customers. Typical use cases are ecommerce business owners, online software sales, specialty goods . owners who like a reward conversation with their customer by provide fast and interactive responses. …


Geoflow App Review

Geoflow ( is a new travel and educational app for iOS and Android that uses your phone’s location to find nearby Wikipedia articles. It’s useful for tourists in a new city to find interesting landmarks and sites right around them. It’s a simple concept with more utility than you’d expect. If you’re interested in history …

Selfie Drone

4 Selfie Drones to Capture Your Most Precious Moments!

Selfie drones are the outcome of three major trends in today’s technology. The first is in terms of drone hardware and software. Namely, autonomous flight and tracking functions are becoming more and more sophisticated norms in the drone industry. Generally, as people get better at engineering something, the newer models become smaller. With this technological …


Knowing the Main Defects of Notebooks

The BIOS is a pre-recorded computer program in permanent memory (firmware) executed by a computer when connected. It is responsible for basic hardware access support as well as for starting the operating system load. In the past it was very common BIOS problem because the cards were designed for several series of processors and so …


Pros & Cons of Using Aluminum Composite Panels

Nowadays, we prefer those building construction materials offering more tensile strength and high tolerance because we don’t want to compromise on both quality and style. Aluminum composite panels are a very common choice these days because of its durability and elegant appearance. Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together some advantages and disadvantages of using …


What to Consider When Buying Your e-bike?

If you are thinking of buying an electric bike, you will probably come across many models, different powers, forms of acceleration, components that a conventional bike does not have and specific terms you did not know about. How to make the right choice? See these tips. If you choose to buy an e-bike, many points …