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Talented Chinese design collective the Gongniu-Bull Group Receives Prestigious 2017 iF Design Award for Sleek Copper Car Charger

The Gongniu-Bull Group, an emerging international collective of designers and engineers, is honored to receive the prestigious 2017 iF Design Award for their new generation of copper automotive USB car chargers.   The iF Design Awards, founded by German design institute iF Industry Forum Design, are part of a celebrated design competition determined to revitalize …


Phone Security App Review: Designed for A Smartphone User

The Smartphone OS different those of a Desktop or Laptop, but this doesn’t mean the smartphones are perfectly safe from malware content. You still need a security apps to keep your files and device safe. With that being said, following we are reviewing a newly introduced anti-virus app introduced by MobileDev. It garnered some favorable user …


Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Broly Review

It is a good time to be a Dragon Ball z fan. Between the Dragon Ball z Super manga and anime series hitting its stride lately and the Xenoverse 2 DBZ game ticking all the correct boxes, followers of spiky haired mega warriors with the penchant for shouting can get their fix throughout virtually any …


Get to Know the Best Gaming Laptop Today

New generations of processors and video cards have transformed gamers’ notebooks into ever more complete products. There are a lot of laptops of this type available today, with prices and performances for each user and need. Dell Inspiron 15 The Inspiron 15 is a gamer edition of Dell’s mid-range notebooks. In the most powerful configuration, …


Permanently Wipe Mac Hard Drive

Macintoshes hold their esteem exceptionally well, and it regularly bodes well to offer yours to help pay for the new model you are aching for. Then again you might feel liberal, and you need to hand it down to somebody poor. One question rings a bell; how would you secure your own data? You don’t …


The Importance of Mobile App Testing

Companies and organizations are fighting over having top spot mobile downloads. They are aware that having a successful app depends on a multiple of factors ranging from the type of a program you develop and what it can do. However, it is not easy to discern an apps capability unless it is tested. It is …


Why All Gadgets Should Have Insurance

No matter what kind of gadgets you own, you will understand that they cost you a lot of money, and for this reason you may feel a lot of frustration when things go wrong, or when your gadgets are damaged. Even if you have taken care to protect your laptop in a macbook leather sleeve …


Bubble Shooter Review: The Sheepy Shooter!

The Bubble Shooter developed by 3D Games is a casual experience for bubble shooting.  It contains a few elements of Action & Adventure game with a proper story and interactive gameplay. This is not a typical shooter where all you care about shooting bubbles and pass each level. The goal is quite big here. The …


Bubble Shooter Review: Old School Ideas with Modern Approach

The Bubble shooting games have been around for ages. The new Bubble Shooter has almost the same gameplay in which the player has to pop the given bubbles in limited time. They need to fulfill the requirement in order to move to the next level. This time, there is a bit of twist. There is …


How the Storm Alert System Works?

The sun, while it heats the surface of the earth, heats areas differently— depending on the nature of the location (ie: water, soil & ice). In the case of soil, the heating depends on whether trees cover that area or if it’s an open area. The warmer areas are where heat tends to rise. Ascending …


Get Repaired General iPhone Hardware Problems by Experts

These days, there are lots of iPhone, iPad, Macbook repair services out there to help make you devices work again when they break or malfunction in any way. You don’t need to pay for a brand new device until there are available electronics device repair experts like Repair Sharks and enable you to use your …


Power Laser Diode

Laser diodes have relatively low dynamic impedance in the linear part of its volt-ampere characteristics. Therefore, it is desirable to supply source with sufficiently high output impedance, i.e. a current source that supplies a constant current even when the load changes. If you use power from a voltage source belong in series with the LD …