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Find Privacy Within The Umbra

The goal of the Shadow Project is to create an all-in-one software platform for a completely private, decentralized, and free economy. The Shadow Project’s software platform has a new name, Umbra. An umbra is “a region of complete shadow resulting from a total obstruction of light.” Umbra has 3 main parts: Its built-in cryptocurrency, ShadowCash?—?Finished!(SDC) …


Javac Is Not Recognized As An Internal Or External Command

Javac is not recognized as an internal or external command is an error received by many newbie programmers when they try to compile a program. In fact, this error has more to do with the general understanding of command line interface (CLI) than Java programming. Let us devote a few lines to understand the command …


Notibuyer –Notes, Memo & To-do App Review

The age of technology has many wonders in it and you get full fruits of the latest and new technologies also in mob apps. On every step you will move away with many speculates that make technologies more inspiring or useful.  Now new handy features are available in Notibuyer app that will make your life …


Java Modulus to Calculate Remainders

Before explaining Java modulus to calculate remainders, let’s have a look at some very basic mathematical concepts about division and remainders. It may seem trivial to discuss such basic mathematical concepts, but believe me, there are some Java programmers who have difficulty understanding these very basic mathematical concepts. So, let us get started. What are …


Virtualization Technology: Hypervisors vs. Containers

Virtualization technology enables you to run different operating systems at the same time using the same hardware. Virtualization offers many advantages in terms of cost and effort. For example, if you wanted to run Windows and Linux at the same time, you can take advantage of virtualization. Instead of having two separate machines, you can …


YourPrivateProxy Review: All you Need to Know About

YourPrivateProxy is one of the high authority internet portals that offers anonymity private proxy for users, to use internet services without disclosing their info or in persona. However, it offers more security over the internet. It provides quality proxy service to mask your IP from the internet service provider, which is responsible for hosting and …


How To Find The Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

The industry of digital marketing in Singapore is booming. We see a lot of international companies eyeing this country for the next branch office of their businesses. Moreover, companies who want to increase their presence and get more clients are more and more preferring digital marketing. If you are considering to hire a digital marketing …


What are the Types of a Corporate Video

Creating a video and posting it online has already evolved from just a simple hobby of trendy people to being a part of different businesses’ marketing. It’s has become essential to the corporate world for them to reach their target audience. Today, companies include a short corporate video on their home pages in order for …