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About us: Most of the time people at work or students in schools, colleges and universities are not good at managing things especially their digital stuff like notes and to-do lists due to the hectic routine. Tons of information around us is waiting for us to be gathered and arranged. Make use of Filterize to …


Top 6 Tools for Website Name Ideas

Choosing a website name is not always that easy. Remember, you want a website address that will be both memorable and meaningful while describing what your business is all about. However, even after generating something catchy and worthy of your business you may realize that the name is already taken. This only gets you back …

Mobile App

A New Mobile App Lets Drivers Lock in Cheapest Petrol Prices

7-Eleven in Australia recently released a mobile app that lets drivers lock in the cheapest fuel price for 7 days. The app uses a user’s physical location and real-time fuel prices. The Fuel App was created to help 7-Eleven compete with the fuel discounts offered by their competitors Woolworths and Coles. Using the current location …


How to make money online

The number of posts exist about earning money online? Thousands? Millions? Enough? Probably. However there’s an issue. People always try to get you to  go to some seminar, webinar, training session or some other way to end up being an online millionaire. They actually provide online money making a bad name. However it is possible …


Great Functions Of Dell Laptops

Dell laptop computers have most definitely established the market on fire. This results from the advanced as well as advancement technology most customers see on laptops made by Dell compared with various other brands. Dell laptop computers have verified to be one of the most useful and also the most effective among all other laptop …


Military Flashlights Review – Top 3 Military Flashlights

The most popular flashlights of 2016 are military flashlights. Until this year military flashlights were forbidden for regular citizens but after the national security agency tested all of the military flashlights they were finally approved for public usage. After long period of absence from the open market military flashlights have made a comeback on the …


Top Features of the RobustTechHouse

The RobustTechHouse is the premier Singapore based mobile and web development company. They are well known in the world of the technology due to making the innovative apps for android and iOS. This app development company is an ideal choice for the users of small business due to the cordless technology. Providing the numerous benefits …


Dancing Your Way to a Better Physique with Pilates

Many clinicians, educators, and dance researchers have now widely acknowledged the key role supplemental training plays in a dancer’s longevity and success. Many have come to the conclusion that attending dance classes alone will not deliver the needed physical adaptations that will warrant minimal injury risks and ensure optimal performance. This is where Pilates comes …