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The Past and the Future of TV

To imagine that to a 20th century household TV was the same thing fireplace was in the Middle Ages: the focal point and probably the most important thing in the world. Generations grew in front of silver screen, sympathized and fell in love with their favorite TV show characters, as well as found their mental …


5 Amazingly Productive SMB Apps

Dream big and settle for no less is an extremely inspiring idea. However, what this proverb fails to include is a fact that even the greatest businesses have to start somewhere. There is no shame in starting small, on contrary the humbler the origin the greater the accomplishment. Still, a future conglomerate is not going …


AI Cars: The Future is Driverless

The amount tech marvels that are coming out every year is mind-boggling, but we are still dependent on our good old four-wheeled friends. In 2008, there were 700 million cars in the world, and a few years later their total number surpassed 1 billion. You can go by car around the globe, but also find …


What Are The Key Areas Of Salesforce Data Management?

Salesforce is one of the top rated CRM products in the world and there are many strategic reasons why you should consider adopting the Salesforce platform. The driving reasons for its adoption are effective and consistent customer management processes, increased visibility across the teams and scaling your business management model to meet the market expectations. …

Overtime Lawsuits

Top 10 Reasons for Oilfield Overtime Lawsuits

We represent a lot of oilfield workers.  These oilfield workers have worked all over the country, including oilfields and shale plays in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Oilfield overtime lawsuits have been brought by myriad oilfield workers, including roustabouts, MWD operators, field engineers, wireline operators, tool pushers, field engineers, field hands, wireline operators, …