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Top apps for iphone to install ASAP

Iphone and its amazing applications: The competition between the fans of apple and Samsung is something that we have been witnessing for years. As soon as a new version of iphone or a new Samsung iphone is launched, the war among the fans heats up. Where the phone lovers say that apple comes up with …


Beware of Thefts at the Point of Sale Machine

Is your Point of Sale machine protected against attacks? There have been a lot of criminals that are interested in the Retailer’s POS machines due to the fact that there are so many credit cards that pass through these POS machines. One thing that makes it easy for thieves to rob is that these machines …


Emplotime Clock Review

The best time and attendance web application for small business has arrived.  It is not only the best but also the least expensive, having a cost of 4 dollars per employee PER YEAR, much less than other competitors. Emplotime consists of two basic parts; Theemplotime clock, where the employees report the arrival and leave. This …